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About Saturday Lotto

If you want the best chance possible to win, we recommend the Full System method. Utilizing this you may choose more than 8 numbers and any combination of the numbers you choose will win as long as they match the numbers drawn from the machine. The Full System can be costly. For our players on a budget we recommend the Reduced System, you still get the chance to pick more than the standard 8 numbers, but unfortunately they’ll have to be in the correct order.

With so many chances to win, and a low entry price of AUD $0.55 for Sat lottery tickets, you have no excuse not to play the lotto. The drawing for Saturday lotto occurs at 8.30pm every Saturday night AET. Keep in mind if you plan to play, that entries close Saturdays at 4.00pm AET. The results should be posted by 9:30pm AET, so if you play, be sure to login and check to see if you’ve won. The lotto is a fun way to get a chance to win millions of dollars that you can play again and again every week. Make the lotto your new Saturday night thing!

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